I love talking about bikes, and I love a cup of tea!

I love talking bikes and I love a cup of tea! If you are after advice about cycling, why not get in touch and arrange a time for both?

Maybe you are thinking about getting a new bike; buying a kid’s bike; entering your first sportive and worrying about your gearing or strategy; thinking about going to tubeless / 1x / hydraulic disc brakes; or trying cyclocross.

 You might be planning a bikepacking holiday, or wondering about what combination of shoes, cleats and pedals to try, or thinking about a wheel upgrade. You might want to spend a bit of time comparing steel, alloy and carbon. Maybe you need some of the mystifying roadie jargon and mythology breaking down…

What’s in it for me? Quite simply, if I can help you to enjoy cycling by having the right kit, and removing some mental hurdles, it puts a smile on your face and broadens the church. In return, I would hope that I get to see your lovely bike again when it needs some service, repair or TLC.

To arrange a good time for a chat and cuppa, just give me a call on 07500 505175.