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With all service and repairs, I’m happy to discuss bespoke requirements for your bike, just call on 07500 505175 to discuss the options. If parts are required, I will always contact you with a price before going ahead.

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from £50.00

Every bike deserves this. I check the wear and synchronisation of your brakes; measure drivetrain and chain wear, and tune gears as required; check the tires are in a safe condition and correctly fitted; check the wheels are true; check all main bearings have free rotation with no play; ensure correct torque settings to all fixings, and then apply a quality lubricant to the chain. If any parts are required, I will contact you before proceeding with any work.

Every service also includes a clean too! A clean bike is faster, lasts longer, looks pro, and is easier to work on. I’ll give it a hot wash using a gentle degreaser, and a polish with a microfibre mitt.


Bike repairs are generally required where you have a specific problem that you want me to look at (outside of my bike service package). Repairs can be anything from changing an inner tube, to a gear tune, wheel truing, through to fitting of new components.

The work is done to the highest standard whilst never costing you a minute longer than needed.

Remember, I can also offer advice on upgrades at the same time.

A spa day for your bike!

The standard service can be turned into a full strip; a spa day for your bike. I completely strip the bike including the headset, bottom bracket and hubs; everything is cleaned, degreased, and then reassembled; anti-seize, thread lockers and lubricants are applied throughout. I then finish with two coats of professional finishing product, and a microfibre polish. Get in touch if you want to discuss this further.